Everyone have elegant Smartphone with excellent connectivity option and speed usually around 21 Mbps, but does it browse faster in lower speed like 2G or EDGE? So here is solid and perfect reason why you should choose Opera Mini as your mobile browser for best browsing experience!

Hi folks, how is doing u all? Smartphone and Web connectivity is our life line now a days and for those who spend most of the time on web, good speed is really matter most, especially for geeks, researchers and travel loving person, to find their stuff ASAP after click.

Low speed especially when faster infrastructure is not available (3G or LTE), than its none less than painful to browse the web like hell. No matter whats your connection is but user itself has lots of option and tweak to rise the browsing performance at their own.

Before discussing ahead, let me first show you how browser works!

1. You request URL to server. With your requested URL your Hostname/IP, browser, screen size, and lots of other information is sent to server. Server than fetches the data and sent to web browser.

2. Web browser has lots of technology built in it, I am not going in deep still, they have different engines for Images/JavaScript/HTML5/CSS processing and browser does lots and lots of work to convert data sent by server into web pages you see.

No doubt, you have seen, browser really needs to work a lot and on client side as well. When you are using smartphone, you can imagine how much performance, time, battery, processing, and memory it would be using while doing all such rendering of all type of data sent to browser and showing you pretty web pages?

Of Corse, your performance is compromised every time, and when you are using slower network than no need to say how much it would pain to user.

Now coming to point why this Opera mini is special for these all, does it have magic or what, lets see what is engineered in it so all problem is being reduced to 5% of total.

Reasons Why Opera is Best Browser:

1. Already bestOptimized Browser:

Most of the browser itself adjust the elements of web pages to fit to screen and sometime it doesn’t which not only looks uglier but also eats lots of resources. Opera mini made with minimal processing and designed for minimal usage of RAM, works for lowest-end mobile device.

2. Rendering on server side:

The best thing you love about opera mini is that all your data is to your device via Opera server. Yes, all the hectic browser work, translation, optimization, rearranging of screen element, processing HTML5, JavaScript and all other heavy threads are handled by it. Server understand the device and opera version so that it just send final output to web browser which require no such work and automatically you device feels light.

Even if you have faster internet connection, this feature save a lot your battery and make your browsing time longer than you can do with any other browser.

3. Data compression:

In opera mini, you can save the settings for images, scripts and other cookies and sessions, font and all. When server (Opera server) process the pages, HTML data/images/ are compressed and bring to lowest possible size so that no more pixel is loaded that are not required by Browser.

This drastically reduce the data charges, traffic, loading time and provide you boosted speed.

4. Full resolution usage:

Opera mini’s version are specially designed for different screen width and server has best algorithm for doing excellent rendering for every screen size, Opera mini let you browser web in full screen mode, desktop mode when required and even support lots of features of latest HTML5/CSS3/JS and other scripts.

5. Other Real-time features:

Opera mini provides you On page video streaming, let you use your hardware acceleration, and other devices like Microphone/GPS when required by websites. It saves memory by using many alternatives of sandboxing technology other elegant rendering engines on server as well as on device.

Conclusion:Mobile device is great for web browsing but enjoying your experience with greater battery life, fast connection, great optimization, lower traffic and data rate is what makes it perfect. Opera mini is what I think meant for generation, it is free and it is all type of mobile device, if not using try it now and see the difference!
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